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As a leader in the onaaraTODAYnews space, we are an imaginative group of problem solvers who are energetic about sparing our customers time, dissatisfaction, and cash. Utilizing our associations with extravagant suppliers, overall we deliver solutions explicit to our customer's exceptional needs, guaranteeing that the unlimited subtleties are dealt with and top-level specialist organizations are foreseeing your landing all throughout the adventure of working together.


Our onaaraTODAYnews services center around our customers' most basic issues and openings for a desireable solution: technique, quality, expertise, delivery, efficiency, and sharpness. We bring profound, useful aptitude, and are known for our all encompassing point of view: we catch an incentive crosswise over limits and between the existing solutions of any of our customers. We have demonstrated a multiplier impact from streamlining the aggregate of the parts, not simply the individual pieces.


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We always perform our projects with the utmost quality and integrity.


Every step of the process will be handled by our team with true professionalism.


You can count on us to make sure your project is completed with care.


We are trusted by thousands all around the world to deliver quality work on time.


The fact that our work has spread to regions all of the globe is a true indication of our quality.

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Our projects are never late. They are always completed with care and delivered on time.


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onaaraTODAYnewsPlease Know Us Better!onaaraTODAYnews Global Media Outreach Int'l is the news media arm of onlineRADIO, onlineTELEVISION and onlineNEWSPAPER of a group of small scale business interest called onaaraTODAYservices.With a non-profit disposition to anything ONA-ARA, the council area of our base which we adopted its name for developmental promotion of the area and its people as our Corporate Social Responsibility.All these under our non-charity but business based foundation: onaaraTODAYfoundation, OTF co-founded by our leader and his amiable soulmate and wife Dr. Folorunsho Kabir Daodu, DVM and Ms. Yemisi Oladipupo respectively. She also triple as onaaraTODAYfoundation President and the overall Chief Executive Officer of onaaraTODAYservices. Our major area of businesses as a registered name are:1 ) FARMING and Agriculture2 ) HEALTH and Medicals3 ) NEWS and Media.Links and Contacts. A: Our websites:1) Onaara TODAY Foundation #onaaraTODAYfoundationwww.onaaratodayfoundation.site.live2) Onaara TODAY Services & Products.#onaaraTODAYservices www.onaaratodayservices.site.live3)Onaara TODAY News Media#onaaraTODAYnewswww.onaaratodaynews.site.liveB: Social Media links are @onaaraTODAYnews LinkedIn Twitter InstagramWhatsappFacebook and over 35 others platforms in all. C: Our Facebook pages of free readings include over 40 pages at https://tinyurl.com/onaaraTODAYpagesOur classified production can be subscribe to at https://tinyurl.com/onaaraTODAYsubscriprion,Contacts:Animal Hospital complex, Daodu House, Olunloyo Bus-Stop, Akanran Road. Ibadan, NIGERIA. onaaratodaynews@yahoo.com +2348055405962,Free Live chat available 24/7 through our efficient customer care representatives in Yoruba, English, Arabic, French, Russian and Chinese.Thanking as you do business with us.Signed,Editor,For and on behalf of:Ms. Yemisi OLADIPUPO,Publisher,onaaraTODAYnews,ChairWOMAN,onaaraTODAYservices,President,onaaraTODAYfoundation.


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'Iyawa' Yemisi OLADIPUPO,President & Co-founder,onaaraTODAYfoundation.Chief Executive Officer & Head of Finance,onaaraTODAYservices.ChairWOMAN & Publisher,onaaraTODAYnews.

ChairWOMAN and Co-Founder

Eidris Abiodun Sanusi a.k.a. 'ANGEL',IT Consultant and Manager Training.

CFO and Head of Sales

Ayankola Ayangbenle (Mr.)Cooperative Consultant & Head of Training,onaaraTODAYnews

Folorunsho Kabir Daodu, Jnr.Founder [In-Trust] & Vice President,onaaraTODAYfoundation.

CMO and Head of Design


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Location: onaaraTODAYheadoffice, Animal Hospital complex, Daodu House, Olunloyo Bus-Stop, Akanran Road, Ibadan, Nigeria.